Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Lose Weight With A Morning Run

How to shed some pounds in the morning.
So, finding yourself overweight, or feeling and looking unfit, and looking for a great way to lose some pounds, get back in shape, and drive some natural energy in to your body for the day, well I have a great routine that will seriously boost you in to shape, burn fat and it couldn't be any simpler, A Morning Run.

This only requires motivation, high will power and practice, and within a few weeks you should see results. I've been running now 6 months most mornings and it has totally improved my whole well being, and in the tips I give here, I hope I can motivate and help you get in-to shape too. Visit for more great tips.

So What Should You Do?

If you are serious about losing pounds, no matter what weight you are, just try my routine.....

1. The hard part, seriously, is GETTING UP in the morning, whether you have work, kids, or a warm body beside you, this is the hardest part, but gets much easier. I'm usually up at since I work evenings.

2. So your up well done. Give yourself a little slapping on the face and wakey wakey. First, drink 2 large glasses of water, very important! Your body has rested overnight and hasn't had a drop, you should do this every morning regardless. And If peckish, have a banana or some fruit or nuts, even a coffee. Check out my "Keep it simple Diet plan."

3. Next, a little stretch, body and legs. Get your running gear on, good running shoes always Very Important! Depending what part of the world your in, check the weather, If a little nippy, wrap up.

4. Off you go. Now with a run in the morning, you want to take it easy, You Are Not In A Race, and run for round 15-30 Min's, depending on your fitness, and time you have, but seriously take it easy, go at a nice steady pace, and as you gradually get in to a routine, you can up your speed and time, even challenge yourself.

5. When you return, grab a glass of water, light stretch again, shower etc. and make sure you have a nice, nutritious breakfast, again, Very Important!

6. If you Need some help with building the right diet and nutrition plan for yourself, check out this helpful health information.

So, you can see how simple this is, and I know, how it sounds too LOL, yep sounds simple, but, it's very effective.......

Why, And What Are The Benefits?

1. Gets your heart racing, and this will improve your alertness, not to mention your fitness through the day, and keep burning calories.

2. Mental alertness. Running First thing in the morning, makes you feel like you still have a whole day ahead to come, and that's a great feeling.

3. Helps speed up your metabolism, and this is important for losing weight. Running first thing in the morning will build up a great appetite, and once you eat a proper nutritious breakfast, and improve your eating habits and diet, you are on the road to a new you.

4. Build up energy. You won't believe the energy you have for the day, especially if you have a busy day ahead of you, and gradually as you improve, so will your body and mind.

Super Quick Tips!!!

1. Plenty of sleep. A good nights sleep is the key, 7-8 hours.

2. Keep Hydrated. Drinking enough water when you wake up and through the day, very important.

3. Getting up. Put your alarm clock across the room so you have to get up to knock it off.

4. Clothing. Have your clothing ready in place and easy access, save time.

5. Hungry. Peckish before the run, eat a piece of fruit, an energy bar, nuts.

6 Training schedule or plan. Have a plan of your run, your time you have and the route.

7. Any Mates. Having someone to run with you can benefit both of you with more motivation and fun.

8. Wear the right clothing. Have clothing for different weather, and reflective gear if a dark morning

9. Running Shoes. Very important to have running shoes that fit right with great stability. Go to a shoe specialist to get your fit.

10. Have fun. Most important. Yes it's tough getting up and into a routine, but after a few weeks, while eating with a healthy diet, you are in a no lose situation.


So you can see, it's all about key words like, Motivation, Practice, Will-power, but with these key words in place, and a thirst for good health, to slim down and lose some weight, and general fitness it all boils down to YOU, what goals you want, and how important good health is. I'm 33 years old, but feel 23, and believe we all can feel that way too.

I have a healthy diet plan here you can check out, and if you are in serious need of a diet plan, or really want to lose a lot of weight, gain weight, get in shape, build a healthy diet plan to match your fitness plan, check out this Diet alternative.

Feel free to leave a comment, or ask any question, always love to be of assistance.

Good-luck with your goals, stay healthy.